What The CEO Wants You To Know

Book: What The CEO Wants You To Know Author: Ram Charan Genre: Management  The author, Ram Charan, attended Harvard Business School, taught there and at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and Boston University, and has been advising CEOs and serving on boards of directors at companies around the world. The one thing that the author […]


Book: Triggers Author: Marshall Goldsmith Genre: Self-improvement / Behavioral change “Triggers can give you the self-awareness you need – to create your own world – rather than being created by the world around you.” Allan Mulally, US CEO of the Year (CEO Magazine) and #3 Greatest Leader in the World (Fortune magazine). Triggers book is about adult […]

Becoming a Manager

Book: Becoming A Manager Author: Linda A. Hill Genre: Management One of the top most challenges, almost every organisation is facing today is “Talent”. And the impact of Talent at a managerial or leadership position is multi fold, since it impacts every person down under the hierarchy.  On the same topic of developing and making […]

Leadership Pipeline

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems that most of the organizations, almost in every industry, are struggling with, is Leadership Talent. But before we even try to develop leaders, the basics from where to start is, defining roles for each managerial level and setting clear expectations in terms of how different levels of managers add […]


Couple of months back, I had an opportunity of having a conversation with a Senior HR professional, on what the word, ‘Potential’, means to him and how he defines it. The conversation was a fantastic learning for me, which will stay will me for a very long time. Hence thought of sharing the same through […]


The DNA for any organization is its Culture and no one better than HR folks can share gyan on the topic. In terms of setting up organizational culture, various HR processes like R&R, PMS, Trainings, etc. can be configured with a message about the behaviour that the organization wants to encourage, thus taking a step in […]

Finding the Diamond in the rough

The approach that most companies are using for Talent/Leadership development i.e. identifying high potential and then providing them with mentoring, support and resources needed to achieve their full potential, may be backward. The identification of talent may be wrong place to start. Yes, you read it right! Billions of dollars spent in leadership development programs […]

Principles of Natural Justice

Domestic enquiry, POSH (prevention of sexual harassment), Performance Improvement Plan, Integrity or other types of Misconduct – are some of the frequently used terminologies in day-to-day working of an HR/ER professional. And one of the most important hats that an HR professional wears is that of being a Judge. But do ever question ourselves what […]

Learning from Military

I have always believed that there is so much to learn from Military and the teams in which they operate. Being a fan of Special Forces, the kind of team bonding which a Special Force unit has, nothing short of a brotherhood, is hard to get in any corporate team. And corporate leaders’ day-in and […]

Boss Proof

Recently I had a very interesting and insightful conversation with my mentor, where I learnt about the word “Boss Proof”. To understand the context of the word and conversation, first ask yourself – how much do you believe that your performance or future depends on your Boss? No doubt, one’s supervisor has an important role […]

Are You Powerful?

Everyone wants a boss who supports, who helps bulldoze things that he/she is not able to move ahead with, who has high influential skills, who helps him/her make network in the organisation, who coaches on technical aspects. In simple words, everyone wants a powerful boss! But have you ever put yourself in the shoes of […]

Are you an Adder or Multiplier?

Have you ever thought upon what role you are playing in the work of your colleagues? Most of us work in teams and think that team works because of combined efforts, which is true but the role you play in the work of every team mate can be different. Referring to the book, Winning with […]

Supervisor’s Projection

There is no dearth of articles when it comes to Employee Engagement! Enough has been written about the ‘innovative’ employee engagement practices of companies, rated as best workplaces in various surveys. And obviously the topic demands that attention. When it comes to employee engagement, mostly the foundation of an employee’s lifecycle is laid down in […]

Performance Conversation

In many organizations, PMS season would have ended in the last two months, followed up with Appraisal/Performance Conversation (PC) and setting up Goals for next year. I think, more than the rating that an employee gets, it’s the Performance Conversation that engages or disengages the employee. Or should I say, PC is the make or […]

Delinking Success & Development

Every time I have a discussion with my mentor, I learn something. This time I learnt about the process of learning & its correlation to success. So thought of sharing the same through my blog. We learn new things in order to do our jobs in a better way. We apply our learning in order […]

Feedback and Reflection

Once one of my mentors said, “Mentoring is a gift and if possible pass on this gift to someone else”. This blog post is about a learning that I got from my mentor recently and I thought of sharing the same through my blog post. Two things that I learnt from my mentor and they […]

Trusted Advisor

As an HR professional, I put on different hats to help business and one role that I play majority of time is that of being a Consultant. Recently I read a book, The Trusted Advisor, by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford. I highly recommend this book for every professional, because in the end […]

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Originally posted on RRGwrites:
I have often been amused by the fact that everyone calls himself or herself a leader these days. Fancy designations and titles have crowned nearly all middle and above management roles as that of a ‘leader’. Everyone is being projected a leader, without knowing what is leadership all about in the…

Ability to Connect

From the days of ‘Personnel Management’, HR has gone through 360 degree transformation. Expectation from HR has increased from being a provider of administrative services, to a more strategic function. Technology has also enabled HR and given it new platforms to engage with employees on a much wider scale. I have seen/heard people talking about […]


Almost two and a half months into new job, and every day it has been a learning experience. There are many things which I learnt, unlearnt and relearnt in last few months, but one interaction with my super boss on the first day of joining, is something which I will never forget. So I thought […]

How many hours you work?

I have seen people complaining about working hours just because the current organization mandates them to work few minutes/ hours more as compared to their previous organization. If you think that working 9 to 11 hours daily is too much for you, then let me share with you a case of a security guard. I […]

Work on Strengths

Since childhood most of us have focused on improving grades in those subjects in which we got less. However ironically we hardly bothered on improving or concentrating on the subjects in which we were good. Fact is, we always work on improving our weaknesses. Recently I finished studying a book by the name “Strengths Finder […]

From Maali to Maalik

A small chat of even five minutes with a Thought Leader can give you immense learning that can actually change the way you approach your profession. Recently I met a very renowned Human Resource professional, currently retired and who has almost seen it all in India relating to Industrial Relations. We talked on various roles […]

Young Minds Confluence

Delhi & NCR Chapter of NHRD Network conducted a conference on 9th April, 2014 on the theme of “Young Minds Confluence – Changing Landscape: Agenda for Action”. The event was a great learning experience which witnessed industry leaders sharing their stories and experiences on Passion, Communication and Execution. The event started with an inaugural address […]

Catch Somebody Doing Something Right

How do you think you would be viewed if you rate everyone that report to you at the highest level on your performance review scale? I encountered above question while reading a fantastic book “The One Minute Manager” by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. And I am sure your answer to above question will be: […]

Teachings from Failures

12th December, 2013, I got placed from my B-School campus. This is the moment that every B-School student prepares for and works hard for. But for me this success was result of learning from my failures. For me, ‘Failure’ is a term which is very positive, as it brings along with it some good learning. […]